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The virtual videos are used to illustrate the working of a product, showing the processes that are often hidden to the human eye.  

A practical example is the working of a mechanical part inside a high speed cutter. The tridimensional animation therefore is not subject to the limits of the real world and so it allows to “simulate” every kind of procedure that in "reality" would be impossible to be observed.

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Graphic has become necessary to supply a “full package” of services to the final customer. This technique, even if simply, has been introduced and developed in the company employing some coworkers able to use specific programs of graphics. The company tries to improve the skills of its staff, through specific training courses.

We take care of all the procedure to prepare the system and solve the problems referred to the preprint. All that thanks to the experience we got in the acquisition, elaboration and optimization of the digital virtual and traditional images.

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Planning and management of fair, exhibition, demonstration and events; our press office takes care of the publication of the anticipation and the report of each event on the greatest local and specialized newspapers, we follow your event and make it interesting to media, we take care of the advertising campaign and plan its graphics. We also supply you the supporting material for the preparation. We look for the most original design solution, studying and giving personalized project solution.

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Virtual photo is a new technique developed from the evolution of "rendering" and a maniacal attempt to simulate a real photo shot. From a simple technical drawing, we can create the image of a product (e.g.: furniture, industrial items, etc..), perfectly placed and contextualized. The virtual photo allows us to simulate various surfaces and materials, to enlighten everything with environmental and direct lights. All the procedure to create the rendering is made having no final product and creating no photo hall. Rendering brings to the company a great decreasing of the manufacturing, catalogue and prototypes' production costs.


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Now you can transform your company catalogues to real multimedia documents for iPad.

The catalogues are planned to obtain the best of the interactive feature and they are personalized according to the needs of the customer.





Some available options:

  • Read the pages with a very fascinating flipping book effect;
  • Interaction with active areas of the pages;
  • Consultation of the sections from the index;
  • Consultation galleries of images;
  • Zoom effect with two fingers;
  • Zoom on the areas of the text for an easier reading;
  • Insert multimedia contents (video/audio);
  • Interactivity with our 3d patterns to create games of variations and finishes;
  • Access to contents on the web;
  • Link to social network (facebook);
  • View of google maps;
  • Direct link to email address;
  • Filling of online form.

In cooperation with our partner Divulgando Srl – multimedia information System, we create company catalogues with a very high interactivity.

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