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Virtual photo is a new technique developed from the evolution of "rendering" and a maniacal attempt to simulate a real photo shot. From a simple technical drawing, we can create the image of a product (e.g.: furniture, industrial items, etc..), perfectly placed and contextualized. The virtual photo allows us to simulate various surfaces and materials, to enlighten everything with environmental and direct lights. All the procedure to create the rendering is made having no final product and creating no photo hall. Rendering brings to the company a great decreasing of the manufacturing, catalogue and prototypes' production costs.







We need the product to be photographed (piece of furniture, shoes, cars, etc), it has to exist so that we can move it to the sitting halls or location.

We don’t need the product, but only the drawings and patterns of the materials used to make the product itself. 
The product is not made, therefore it has not to be moved to any other place. It doesn’t exist, it doesn’t pollute.

Photo project, to realize the photo set and the furniture to be photographed, therefore the products exist and only for the pictures. Then they have to be sold at a low price or disposed.

The project is necessary, in it we study: 
The point of shot, the architecture with very innovative structure materials.

Purchase of materials for the creation of the photo set, or the use of real products (floors, walls, carpets, windows, etc..) in the sitting rooms, maybe used for other photos (other customers and maybe competitors too)

It’s not necessary.

Purchase and hire of objects and/or pieces of furniture (carpets, lamps, etc) that shall have modern and design style. More expenses of the Art buyer or Stylist, who collects the products, place them on the photo set and, after the click, has to give them back to the shop or company where hired the products. (remember the different breaking or damages that have to be paid totally)

It is not necessary
Because all the items or elements are proposed during the project and made directly in rendering. 
No purchases, no hire, breaking or damages of any sort.

It is necessary to move the products that have to be photographed with the related workers (who make it ready) and to assembly the furniture in the photo hall. After the shot, they have to dismantle and recover the set giving back the products to the manufacturing company.

It’s not necessary.



Photo project

Before making a rendering, scenes are created in a photo perspective; there will be design objects and pieces of furniture more or less complicated and chosen, scene by scene, from the Art buyer or Stylist. Everything is made with the assistance of a professional photographer in the sitting hall.



Our services include


  • Creation of catalogues using virtual photos 
  • creation of 3D patterns 
  • Maintenance of the catalogues and/or patterns created with the virtual photo 
  • Advice to reuse the patterns created by the engineering department in the catalogues with virtual photos